Year-end Checklist of Predictions for 2016

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Year-end checklist of predictions for 2016

As the year 2016 comes to a close, I went back to review five of the international predictions and trends I made in January to check for accuracy.

Here is what I predicted:

Regional, rather that international hubs, will grow in importance. Check

Asian countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China have all reported increases in international student enrollments from the region.

Articulation agreements will replace branch campus development. Check

A recent report published by The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education reveals a waning of interest, especially in the United States, of opening up branch campuses overseas.

MOOCs and other digital-based educational delivery models will continue to grow in importance, enrolling a new and different cohort of international students. Check.

Coursera, FutureLearn and edX have all reported increasing the number of students taking MOOC courses. In September of this year, MIT piloted an online MicroMasters credential and has partnered with Pearson which will allow MicroMasters students to study at local centers in 70 countries worldwide.

Technology will change the ways international students are recruited. Check.

A great deal has been written this year about Big Data and its impact on several aspects of higher education, from predicting which students will enroll, which students are likely to persist and graduate, and which students will become active alumni after graduation. Big Data can help international strategic planners and recruiters to construct analytical databases to provide college administrators with speedy, actionable. information in order to make smart decisions and allocate both staff time and resources to increase enrollments from existing markets and build new ones.

Always have a Plan B. Check

How many international strategic plans had alternative recruitment strategies in place after the Brexit vote or the drop in oil prices which impacted enrollment of students from Saudi Arabia?

No one can predict with absolute accuracy what the future will bring. But there are trends that can reveal what is likely to happen in the future. More to come in 2017.

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Marguerite Dennis has been recruiting internationally for over 25 years, first at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and then at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. During that time she was responsible for establishing a branch campus for Suffolk University in Dakar, Senegal and Madrid, Spain. Marguerite increased the international student population at Suffolk University by 193% from 1993 to 2011 and increased the number of study abroad programs by 135%, from 20 to 47. She monitored the recruitment programs for Suffolk University in 20 countries and hired a network of 10 international educational consultants. She signed agreements in Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Germany, Mexico, France and Argentina.

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