Holistic Approaches to International Student Enrollment

mjdennis holistic approach screenshotA Full-Day Onsite Seminar
For institutions evaluating the range of options for increasing international student enrollment.  Your institution has unique strengths that make it appealing to international students. Identify those strengths and the reach out to those international students most likely to benefit from them.

What We Bring to the Table
With increased pressure to find new revenue sources, academic institutions are exploring opportunities to increase international student enrollment. At first glance there are both academic and economic advantages to investing in international enrollment programs. Our shared experience in the field brings perspective to the investment. Our strategic insights and first-hand tactical knowledge help you develop an international recruiting plan that will be well-received and implemented.

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Our 3 most often asked questions and our cut-to-the-chase answers:

Q: How much time will it take for our efforts to bear fruit?
A: Always longer than you initially project. An effective plan is going to begin to show progress in years two and three. We can help define a realistic timeline based on your institution’s current position.

Q:How much of our investment needs to go into internationalizing our campus?
A:Consider adding to your admissions, ESL, academic, career and student support services to help admit, acclimate and advance your international student body. Many schools also look at their alumni affairs and fundraising capacity to incorporate international parents, students, and alumni. Done well, all of these services improve your international marketing pitch.

Q: Why have our institution’s previous efforts in this area gone awry?
A:  Many institutions attempt one-off international enrollment initiatives—short-lived participation with international recruiting tours, fairs or lead generators. The follow up is often disorganized and the marketing support (digital and print) often rehash domestic messaging for an international market. We provide concrete and targeted work plans for a holistic approach to increase international enrollment.

What Our Full-day Seminar Presents

With your key institutional stakeholders at the table, we will present:

I. Introduction – Groundwork for creating a strategic international recruitment plan

  • The 8 essential questions every institution should ask and answer before developing a program
  • The 10 essential elements of a successful plan• The expected expenses
  • The 14 pitfalls to avoid
  • Considering how to integrate international recruitment plans with student services, retention services and career services – all focused on international students
  • Considering how to integrate international recruitment plans with alumni and fundraising activities focused on international students.

II. Pre-enrollment activities – Best practices to help you:

  • Gather statistics and create a data map – What you need to know to build a solid and well-received recruitment plan for your institution, including considering how international students evaluating schools online see your institution (an audit of your digital presence)
  • Audit current international student support services
  • Research international markets to know which countries and which types of students would be most receptive to your institution’s offerings
  • Plan outreach to international students, parents, and alumni – evaluating which international marketing activities would be most productive for your institution and reviewing the leading media and technology platforms available for international student enrollment. We will help you consider the range of international enrollment marketing activities from digital marketing, social media and online lead generation to recruiting fairs, print collateral, agents, consultants and Education USA.
  • Update website content and develop focused landing pages – all designed to speak directly to your international student prospects and their key advisors (parents, grandparents, counselors)
  • Fine tune admissions and other internal policies around accepting alternative application information, providing financial aid, and developing international agreements as they relate to international student enrollment
  • Evaluate longer-term, joint degree program collaborations with foreign institutions

III. Post-Enrollment Considerations

  • Keeping international students engaged and anticipating their changing needs and the needs of their parents. From housing, travel and banking questions to healthcare, safety and career planning, there are many areas that require extra support for international students. Without efforts to meet these needs, the effort to recruit international applicants will fail through simple word of mouth reports from your current international students.

IV. International alumni and fundraising

  • Developing class agents, international alumni clubs and international advisory committees
  • Using LinkedIn to your advantage

V. Internationalizing the campus

  • Developing a balanced and effective mix of study abroad agreements, exchange programs and articulation programs
  • Selecting international partners and developing an international partnership approval process

Who Should Attend

  • Vice presidents of enrollment management
  • Deans of students
  • Directors of career services
  • Study abroad directors
  • Directors of Communications
  • Provosts and Deans responsible for enrollment

About Us

mjdennis margueriteMarguerite J. Dennis has been a higher education administrator for over 30 years, at St. John’s University in New York, Georgetown University in Washington, DC and Suffolk University in Boston. She has served as a consultant to the Department of State on trends in higher education and to more than 100 colleges and universities on establishing enrollment and retention management programs.Dennis is a nationally recognized expert on college selection, college financing, and student retention. She is the author of numerous publications, including A Practical Guide to Enrollment and Retention Management (1998) and Ten Trends in Higher Education (2005).

She has also published An Insider’s Guide to Selecting a College or University, An Insider’s Guide to Financing a College Education, An Insider’s Guide to Surviving Freshman Year, and An Insider’s Guide for International Students: How to Select a University and Finance an Education in the United States. She has appeared on national television, including CBS This Morning and PBS. She has lectured both nationally and internationally on college selection, financing, and enrollment trends.

mjdennis lenzInternational Education Advantage (Intead) develops holistic strategies and deploys digital tools to attract, recruit, orient and retain international students. By delivering customized recruiting tools that meet the unique goals of academic institutions Intead drives international enrollment for its client institutions.

Intead has created a systematic approach to supporting an institution’s vision for a broader, deeper, more diversified student population.
mjdennis waxman

From strategic analysis of an institution’s culture and its specific opportunities for student population growth to the tools that can help implement that strategy, we offer the expertise that make this complex process more understandable and more doable.

We conduct market research to help our clients understand regional differences around the world. We build analytic tools to track activities and results and generate the concrete data that inform decisions. Our approach enhances the communication, branding and marketing of academic institutions in a culturally appropriate and accessible digital platform.  We have a highly experienced international team of innovative professionals with global know-how and perspective.




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