The New College Guide

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How to Get In, Get Out, and Get a Job

100 Questions to Ask About  College

by Marguerite J. Dennis

The New College Guide: How to Get In, Get Out, and Get a Job is a different kind of college admission and financial aid book because it offers the reader information to consider before college admission, to financing college with manageable debt, to graduating in four years and getting a job after graduation.

Dedicated to:

Future college students and their parents, high school guidance counselors and international agents

With the hope that some of the questions in this book will help you to select the best college for you and for your family and will help you to better guide the students you counsel.

Early Reviews

“If you read only one book on college admission and financing, read this one. This is the only book on the subject that takes the reader beyond admission, to graduation and getting a job after college” — Marie C. Devins, Editor/Publisher, Talbots Student-Planning Book

“The author has captured the best questions a student and their parents should ask during the important search for college. This is a good planning guide for any student or family member who wants to know the lay of the land before they start their college journey.”  –Dr. James McCoy, Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of New Haven

 “I believe this book asks many questions I never would have considered. After reading it I realize that college is not just for the wealthy, fortunate or upper class. This book is the key to my future.” — Andy Dubsky, High School Sophomore


16 thoughts on “The New College Guide

  1. A book such as this one enhances the pre-collegiate process immeasurably. Knowing of Marguerite Dennis’ interest in the realm of higher education and its implications for enrollment management over the span of some 40+ years, we know of her professional acumen and the gathering of such information for the benefit of students, parents and families all. It is not merely a tool, but rather it can be a brief and concise ongoing reference for school officials all.

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  5. Thanks, Marguerite, for sending me the English and Spanish editons, which I a examining and hoping to share with people I think can advise and perhaps help promote its use by Hispanic families. It was a pleasure talking with you in Naples.

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