Helps students take control of the processes

“By asking a series of cut-to-the chase questions, The New College Guide helps students take control of the processes that most people find confusing and a little frightening. The book guides the reader on how to get into the right school, how to make the most of college, how to be smart about paying for it, and what to do after graduation. Answering the book’s questions takes work, but students will be rewarded with the confidence that they are making thoughtful, informed decisions each step of the way.” — Therese Kattner, Editor, Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education

Read This one! Book on college admission and financing

“If you read only one book on college admission and financing, read this one. This is the only book that takes the reader beyond admission, to graduation and getting a job after college.” Dr. James S. McCoy, Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of New Haven

New “bible” for college-bound school students.

“Ms. Dennis has given students everything they need to know about college—before, during, and after—priceless information at practically no cost!  This will become the new “bible” for college-bound school students.” Marie L. Brown, CEO/Founder Forever& Ever Books

Real information with Answers

“I think these questions are great. Posing these questions gives students and their families real information with answers that should generate additional questions that are individually relevant.” —Dr. Paula M. Rooney, President, Dean College