Private Client Services

Mortgaged Futures Book CoverPrivate Client Services offer to international families private college selection and admission consulting advice from pre-acceptance to post-graduation.

Marguerite J. Dennis has served as a higher education administrator for 30 years, at St. John’s University in New York, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and Suffolk University in Boston.  Over these years Ms. Dennis helped hundreds of families from the Mideast find the best college or university in the United States for their children.  She guided the family from the admission stage through the enrollment and graduation phases of college.

Private Client Services outline the 12 questions families should ask before application, the 18 questions families should ask after acceptance and the 9 questions to ask after enrollment.  Families and students are guided through the critical first year with counseling advice on the best academic courses to take and the elements critical to student success.

Private Client Services focus on the college selection and enrollment process from the family’s perspective.  Parents are involved from the first counseling session through college selection, acceptance and enrollment.  Parent involvement after enrollment is an essential part of the counseling service as is retention and graduation.

Enrollment in a college or university is a family affair and is an important distinction in the counseling offered in Private Client Services.