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Michael Waxman-Lenz, Co-founder and CEO of International Education Advantage, LLC (Intead) Michael is deeply passionate about international business, digital media and technology, and academia. His 25 year career spans activities in technology, academia and doing business around the world. He has lived and worked on three continents and so far traveled to more than 40 countries. Connect with Michael Waxman-Lenz on LinkedIN

Holistic International Enrollment

 Where to start with a holistic international enrollment process

Holistic-Approaches-to-International-Student-EnrollmentUniversities should implement a comprehensive internationalization plan including all stakeholders within the university. This is an important effort building institutional commitment and capabilities. For this article, we focus on two aspects of international enrollment implementation:  (a) alignment of marketing resources and (b) leveraging different departments of the university to present a more complete picture of your institution. Continue reading